• Survey A + B

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    Survey A: The survey is designed for everyone (people who ride or not ride bicycle) for me to have some ideas on how people think about bike riding in NYC.


    When you hear the word “Bicycle”, what can you relate to?

    Please define a cyclist. (Or who rides bicycle and what do you think of them.)

    Are you aware of any newly constructed infrastructures dedicated to bicycle in NYC?

    If you have an opportunity to ride bicycle in NYC, will you do so? If not, why?

    If you have a bike, what function do you want your bike to have?

    1. Large Pedal
    2. Many Speed to switch (Multi Gear)
    3. Large Wheel (26” ,28”)
    4. Small Wheel (16”, 20”)
    5. Foldable
    6. Glow in the dark
    7. Power Assist (Motor or Battery)
    8. Front and back light
    9. Rear Rack
    10. Fenders
    11. Locks (Integrated into bike)
    12. Locks (Separated and portable)
    13. Others

    Following the previous question, if you chose #13 “Others” function you would like your bike to have, please list them.

    I have received 10 responses out of 30 sent out with 34% response rate. Everyone answered question 1 to 12 except question 13 with only 4 answers provided.

    Most of them define bicycle as something fun, healthy, and environmental friendly. When been ask to define cyclists, they think it is someone with healthy body.
    Many of them did not have knowledge about any newly constructed infrastructure for bicycle in NYC. Many of them would like to try riding bicycle in Manhattan when the environment becomes safer. Some of them suggest government reward for citizens to use bicycle for their transportation. Many afraid the possibility of vandalism happens to their bike if they ride in NYC.
    All of them would like to see locks integrated to their bicycles while equipped with front and back light comes second.

    Through this survey, I realize that people are concerning about their safety when riding in Manhattan because they think it is too dangerous.

    Survey B: This is more of an interview than survey that I had with 5 delivery personnel. I asked some general questions about their opinions to environment for cyclists in Manhattan and also questions that are more unique to them, their bicycles, and the restaurants they work for. Through their answers, I realize that all of them agree that taxi is one of the most dangerous transportation to them. They also think dooring is the most hazardous to them. Many of them don’t wear helmet and don’t use lights during the night. Most of them agree they wish to have a better braking system for raining day and shorter stopping distance. They all lock their bicycles when they are away no matter how soon they will come back. Most of them work more than 10 hours a day but receive little money.

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    steve, It sounds like you are beginning to formulate an image for the perfect new york city bike. what would that be? do you think that there would be a market for this product, if it solved all of the problems you identify? It seems to me that the problems people perceive come in two categories: safety and convenience. they want a bike that will not lead to them getting injured, but that implies a lot of lights and other safety equipment. they also want a bike that has lots of features like racks for carrying things, built-in locks, etc. but such a bike would be big and heavy, and it would be very hard to bring it inside to the office or your apartment. Can you think of a solution? This could be a huge product in coming years, for many reasons. It looks like we are entering a period when people will be looking for less expensive alternatives to the very luxurious lifestyles we have had in the US; the person who figures out how to make a practical, inexpensive and fun alternatives will be very successful. Even though we are entering a difficult period, there may be real opportunities for smart people to succeed. Do you agree? steven

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