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    50% of schools in the world dont have proper sanitation it is also the #1 reason girls dont go to schools

    1/6 of the world does not have clean water

    2/3 of the people in the world dont have proper sanitation

    That means that 50% of the people in the world DO have clean water but no sanitation.

    Hand washing is the number one way to stop diarrheal diseases which claims 1 Million people a year.

    $90 Billion is being spent annually on bottled water in developed countries.

    The UN estimates that $30 Billion would give clean water to the whole world

    80% of diseases are due to unsafe water

    • 72% of the people in the world live on less than $4 a day
    • 26% of the people live on $4-50 a day
    • less than 1.7% of people live on more than $50 a day

    This last fact shocks me every time I think about it.. because I realize that almost anyone I see in my daily life is in that 1.7% of the world. and we think we are the world.. we are NOT

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