• By the numbers


    1. Large urban hospitals can generate more than two million tons of waste each year. Morristown Memorial Hospital generates 1 million lbs of medical waste each year, all of which is sent to an incinerator offiste. With over 2,100 physicians and 2,700 nurses, the hospital makes up one of the largest, most comprehensive health care systems in New Jersey -- Atlantic Health -Atlantic Health Systems, Health Care Without Harm

    2. Those most at risk of receiving the highest concentrations [of incineration generated dioxins] are babies, because concentrated dioxin is passed from the mother in breast milk. -Tangri, Neil, A Dying Technology, 2003, p. 13

    3. The federal government doesn’t require any testing and hasn’t set safety limits for drugs in water. Of the 62 major water providers contacted, the drinking water for only 28 was tested. Among the 34 that haven’t: Houston, Chicago, Miami, Baltimore, Phoenix, Boston and New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection, which delivers water to 9 million people. -MSNBC.com, Meds lurk in drinking water AP probe found traces of meds in water supplies of 41 million Americans By Jeff Donn, Martha Mendoza and Justin Pritchard The Associated Press

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