• 3 Different Improvements


    I chose to look further into the node that represented the artisans. This node was symbolized by a hand in the thorough mapping exercise to indicate the manual labor which is used to create the handicrafts.

    Based on research, I found that the handicraft sector of India needs innovation and a new market to keep the traditions alive. I also found that many of the artisans are currently exploited by large manufacturers. With little money and no incentive to go on this way, the artisans look for jobs in which they will earn more money. In order to prevent the artisans from abandoning their skills for better paying jobs, and to encourage them to continue to keep these handicrafts alive, I feel that these artisans need to be provided with basic amenities such as education, healthcare, and fair wages. This is what I have illustrated here. I am hoping to help the artisans I work with in this way...

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