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    According to a survey done by city of New York department of city planning transportation division in may 2007 (in 6th months period with 1086 people took survey)

    New York City Bicycle Survey, 2007

    When riding on street, the majority of riders prefer streets with bike lanes and signs.(93%)

    The majority of cyclists prefer riding on off-street bike facilities to on-street (76%)

    Cyclist categorized more bike lanes with buffers and greenways as the most important designs to be implemented

    The majority of cyclist want more on-street bike racks (95%)

    The majority of interviewees say they do not ride bicycle to work because there are too much traffic and bad driver behavior (80%)

    Commuting cyclist most often encounter problems with vehicles not sharing the roadway and vehicles parked in bike lanes.

    The average commute time for cyclists is 35 minutes

    At the work places, 52% park their bike outdoor and 48% park indoor.

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