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    You are writing that »the only thing that counts is that we do good work«.

    Well - it's difficult to define that. I think it's not the best solution to rescue poor people's life by buying stuff. That's quite decadent as it - by logic - means: if we buy a certain product (one of the red ones), we save the life of helpless people in Africa. So in reverse it means: if we don't buy red products, we let those people die.

    Making people's lifes a product of commerce is really awfull I think. Of course they generate money through this campaign - but wake up: at what point of capitalism are we now that it has gone so far?! Buy = live, don't buy = die. No... I'm against this.

    Doing good work in my opinion has to be a bit more sustainable. This problem cannot be solved my marketing campaigns - on the contrary: marketing is one of the problems! Patent politics that make treatment unaffordable for those in need, exploitation of the continent for centuries, bad education... . That's where we have to start.

    Even Bill Gates said to the campaign: »Well, we can only hope that people don't stop buying stuff!«

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