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    My survey was designed with mostly open-ended questions. I sent it out to 25 people, and received 10 responses. I was interested to see how people felt about the education of differently-abled people (public vs. private, segregation, etc.) and what general sense people had about autism. I was most interested in the responses to the last 2 questions because I wanted to see where/how people learned about autism, and what common misconceptions there were. See this information graphically here. See a summary of the results below:

    What do you feel is the most important part of the education process? This question garnered a variety of responses – I probably should have been more specific. Answers included teaching style, experimentation, freedom, teacher support, understanding, friendship/relationship building, etc.

    Do you think that differently-abled (mentally and/or physically) children should be educated separately from typical children? Why/why not? 8 out of 10 people felt that they should be educated separately. The most common response was people felt differently-abled people need extra attention. Many people also felt it was dependent on the disability. For those that felt they should not be educated separately, they explained that the differently-abled should not be segregated from the rest of society for fear of limiting interaction.

    Should schools for the differently-abled be government-funded or privatized institutions? Why? All 10 people responded that they should be government-funded, and 2 people felt they should be both government and privatized. The responses for why varied, but most included that the government should be responsible for everyone, both differently-abled and abled. A few respondents felt it should be government-funded due to cost cutting. A few other respondents felt that there should be a choice, as there is in the typical system.

    What do you know about autism? The majority of the respondents wrote that they did not know much about autism. A few listed deficits in communication/relationship building, and a few felt that people with autism are extremely intelligent.

    Where did you learn this information? Of the people that listed pieces of information, some of the sources were high school/junior high, friends/family, documentaries, or just general knowledge.

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