• questionnaire&survey by Lawrence Yen

    Well-being, Industrial Design

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    Survey Questions

    1. Do you have one or more furniture heirloom? If yes, do you like them?
    2. What kind of furniture you like the most? Chair, shelf, table, bed or cabinet.
    3. Do you like Lego? Why?
    4. Do you have any memory or experience of building things with your parents? For example, Lego, sand castle or blocks houses. If yes, how was it?
    5. Can you image if the world has no trees? For example, no furniture or any products are made by wood. Will that affect your life?

    In my survey, I tried to find out how precious experiences can be great value in furniture. Instead of adding more money into products, we just need to find or establish a special relationship between the user and the product.

    I got 30 responses in my survey so far. In my survey result, I found out that experiences are something that have more value than anything else in everyone’s life. Also, people think wood cannot be replaced due to its domestic and nature feeling as well as comforting people psychologically.

    Because I’m developing a system like Lego system out of scrap wood that not only can be applied in furniture but also any other structure related objects, I want to understand how people feel about Lego and how Lego attracts people. I found out that people love to create their own object out of their hands. It is not bothered at all if the object is not as beautiful; they just love to have the ability of making things out of their thoughts and imaginations. Creativity, preciousness, ability, interesting and inspiration are the key words for Lego. It is very interesting that people like chair the most in my survey. I will find more questions to further investigate about how different furniture is a part of people’s life.

    Finally, I want to understand how important trees are acting in people’s life. I realized that trees are one of the vital and original resources on planet as well as air, water, soil and life. Trees are acting as a necessary role in the eco-system. They are not only providing oxygen, but strengthen the land as well. Also, they are offering themselves for many species as their habitats.

  • Droog_red_blue_lego_chair_132_

    Lawrence, I think you have done a good job of combining your survey findings with your thesis idea. I agree with everything you have said. When people build things with their own hands, it often makes them have a stronger feeling about these objects. But this is not always true. For example, I don't have any special relationship with the Ikea furniture I assembled, although I do have strong attachment to furniture that I designed and made from raw materials. I guess with Ikea, you don't make any decisions about how the furniture will look, you just follow instructions, hoping that it will look exactly like the example in the picture. Your idea seems to be more about giving the owner the experience of participating in the design, too, so that the finished product will be more important to him or her. This is a great idea, but it will require some really creative thinking on your part. Please take a look at the website for the recent exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). You might get some ideas about how to proceed. steven

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