• NFP Group: DCA


    According to my theme, NFP group of my thesis is Direct Care Alliance

    I heard information about DCA(Direct Care Alliance) from students in Masters degree in persons who have taken video about activities, atitudes, and interviews of DCA, and I contacted them.

    From their mission statement, "We are a nationwide and state-based alliance of direct-care workers, employers, and people of all ages and disabilities who use long term services, care and supports. We are united to build an empowered and valued professional direct care workforce essential to ensuring high quality services, a life of dignity, respect, autonomy and opportunity for all to participate in community life." I immediately thought there is strong relationship between the mission of my thesis and their mission.

    I met with Leonila Vega who is executive director of DCA and presented my thesis. She has very open mind and vision for this project and introduced me a direct care worker for practical and essencial research.

    My topic is very practical and never done without real voice from care workers, now I am looking more concrete idea and concept of my project.

    Many of thanks to Leonila Vega

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