• Interview with Food Delivery Personnel: CASE 5

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    Who: Hassam

    Position: Pizza Restaurant Delivery

    1. Do you own the bicycle you use for delivery? A: Yes, I own the bicycle.

    2. What do you think is the most dangerous situation on the road during delivery? A: Yellow Taxis are the most dangerous. Also it is dangerous when we ride in raining day because brake don’t work that well.

    **3. What do you think is a good improvement to current brake you have? A: I like the hydraulic brakes that some of the higher-end bike have. I think that is a good addition to my bike and can provide a safer trip for me during raining or snowing day.

    4. Do you wear helmet? A: Yes I do.

    5. Do you have front and back light? A: I have a back light and I clip it to my clothes.

    6. Where do you put your pizza when doing delivery? Do you like to have a basket in the front? A: I have a flat rear rack (about 17” x 17”) to place pizzas I deliver. A basket is good also.

    7. How many pizza do you deliver a day? A: I deliver around 30 to 40 pizzas a day.

    8. How long do you work a day? A: I work around 8 hours a day.

    9. Do you use bike lanes or go with traffic when making delivery? A: I use bike lanes but also take the faster routes.

    10. How far do you deliver? A. West 14th St. to West 31st St. & The Village West of Hudson St.

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