• Interview with Food Delivery Personnel CASE 3

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    Who: Mr. Chan

    Position: Japanese Restaurant Delivery

    1. Do you own the bike you are using for delivery? A: Yes, we have to own our own bikes.

    2. What is the most dangerous situation you find when making delivery? A: Those taxis are the worst because they often cut your lane off to pick up customers. A lot of time they don’t use turn signals, which is very dangerous for us. Also a lot of times people in the taxis just open doors without noticing us and this is where a lot of accidents happened.

    3. Do you wear helmet when making delivery? A: Sometimes when it is too hot, it is not easy to wear the helmet all day.

    4. Do you have front or back light on your bicycle? A: I have front and back light on my bicycle.

    5. Do you always lock your bicycle even if you just leave for 30 second to give food to the customers? A: Yes, I always lock my bicycle no matter how long it takes to make delivery.

    6. How do you take care of your bicycle? A: My routine is that I wash it every week and pump air into tires. I also repairs tires myself if there is any puncture holes because it is too expensive to let bicycle shop to fix.

    7. How many delivery personnel are in the restaurant? A: We only have two people so it is often very busy and we have to make delivery in around 20 to 30 minutes.

    8. What do you think would be a good addition to your bicycle to make delivery experience better? A: I think a tighter brake is good.

    9. I talked to one of the delivery guy and he recommended a bullhorn for handlebar, what do you think of this suggestion? A: I don’t like bullhorn because they can get caught by accidentally hock on to something.

    10. How do you feel if there is a metal box in front of the bike for food so you don’t have to put on handle bar? A: It sounds good but I still like to hang them on my handlebar.

    11. Is it hard to control the handlebar when you have many food hanging on it? Yes, it is much harder to control especially when it is windy.

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