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    According to the report by NSDUH (The National Survey on Drug Use and Health), among the 21 major occupational categories, the highest rate of MDE (Major Depressive Episode) of past year is Personal Care and Service (10.8 percent). This is showing why we need to look at the field of care working.

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    Nurse aides have the highest rates of workplace injuries and illnesses in the country, making it America’s most dangerous job.

    Nearly 30 percent of direct-care workers have no health nsurance coverage, twice the rate of the general population.

    The country’s fastest-growing workforce—jobs providing in-home personal care services—is the least likely to have health coverage.

    Direct-care wages are so low (median hourly wage of $9.56/hr) that nearly 30 percent of workers live in households with poverty or near poverty-level income.

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