• Relationship mapping- 2nd edition: "Abstract"

    Communication, Industrial Design

    This time I chose to present my relationship map in an abstract way, that basically visually empower my topic - ENERGY. Each ingredient adds its share to create the formula. At first it might seem a little weird... but each form has a significant color that represent the ingredient that helps my project to grow. The project itself, right now, is like a black hole that sucks all the information it can from every direction, color or form.

    click here for Abstract relationship map

    click here for Abstract relationship status(sketches) map

    In the second map, with the so called sketches, i used Rorschach drawings...I still don't know, and DON'T WANT to determine many of the characteristics of my project...it all needs to flow right now, like energy, and slowly i direct it to the paths i find interesting and relevant! so...just to clarify-

    1. Between my project and the NFPs - the Rorschach signifies a process of reflection, of becoming involved and achieve cooperation and mutual goals.

    2. Between my project and other inspiring designs - energy is bursting in all direction, i am researching areas of technology that are within the horizon and some that are beyond...it all reshapes what we consider to be routine and "normal". Therefore the shapes are unclear and quickly advance to many directions, like a virus!!!

    3. Between my project and similar topic researches - one thing is in common, they all try to understand, utilize and maximize the human body and its capabilities. Therefore the human body is taking a new shape - not its physical one but its energy efficient one...

    4. Between my project and manufacturers- right now there is no relationship. the industry is flowing in its own directions, while i observe it and study it. But still, i do not engage, until i know exactly in what direction i want to flow with it.

    I hope it is all clearer now...if not...read it all over again and this time slowly and concentrate...

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