• 3 proposals


    Under my revised map, i would focus on the vandalism leaf as spot for a proposal.


    my top proposal is a bike rack with locks attached to it. the reason for this is that it may be more of a deterrent to break into government property to steal a bike. The lock would be magnetized, and when one wants to use it, he swipes his card (which might be a credit card, monthly metro type card) and the lock will open, and then when hes ready to get it out, he just swipes the card again.

    My second proposal is to have your bikes hanging on something that looks like a Dry Cleaners conveyor belt, the hook lock comes down when you insert your card, you lock it up to the wheel, and it zips up to the top height so a thief cant reach it to steal. come back, swipe your card, and the bike comes back down and unlocks.

    The third proposal, is a lock that has a thumbprint to lock and unlock, on a cable lock with an electric center which of one tries to hacksaw it off, it will electrocute the thief

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