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    hi guys.... not that this is necessarily an extremely vital example, but i've been designing watches for tiffany's for few months, and one of the things that my boss explained to me about the brand strikes me as fitting to what you're talking about here. tiffany's tries very hard to create products that will work in every market. in the end, i think, this works relatively well. sometimes what ends up happening is that they offer different versions of products, they alter details such as the number of diamonds, the complexity and depth of the designs, the type of metal used. sometimes they'll produce particular parts for particular markets- like a special dial for a watch to be sold in japan. sometimes people (usu in arab states) buy the watches and have more diamonds set into them. but in the end, there is some aspect of these products to which people everywhere are drawn, and the need to develop adaptable designs (multiple versions or allow people space to embellish) becomes yet another factor in the design process.

    (disclaimer: yes, people buy the products because they come in a blue box, but there are some tiffany's products that sell well and others that don't, so it isn't simply the desire for the blue box that determines a successful design)

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