• Interview with Food Delivery Personnel CASE 2

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    Who: Unknown

    Position: Southern Asia food Restaurant Delivery

    *Interview with this gentleman is hard because he speaks little English so some of the answers are sum up by me after piecing through his sentences.

    1. Do you own the bike you are using for delivery? A: Yes

    2. What is the most dangerous situation you find when making delivery? A: cars making turn without knowing his presence and taxis that cut in front of him without looking for picking up or dropping off customers.

    3. Do you wear helmet when riding bicycle? A: Yes

    4. Do you have front and back lights on your bicycle? A: I have a back light.

    5. I see you have a reflective vast, is this from the restaurants? A: Yes

    6. Do you always lock your bicycle when going out making delivery? A: Yes

    7. Even if it only takes you a minute to delivery it to the customers and come back down, you would still lock it? A: Yes

    8. I see you have installed fenders for front and back wheel, even underneath of the bike frame, why? A: They are good to prevent mud and dirt. Each piece cost $ 35 dollars.

    9. What do you think is a good addition to your bicycle? A: … (The answer remains a mystery. He tried to say something but didn’t know how to say it in English.)

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