• Interview with Food Delivery Personnel CASE 1: Follow Up

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    Who: Mr.Lou

    Position: Chinese Restaurant Delivery

    Mr. Liu and I had a phone interview two days after our initial contact. This time he told me that there is something that he thinks might benefit him while doing delivery.

    Questions: 1. You say there is some design changes that can be done to make your delivery work better? A: I would like to have bullhorns at both end of my handlebar so if an accident happened, my hand can be protected by them. But these bullhorns have to be shorter than the one they have on the market so they won’t accidentally hock onto or knock off things and people. Other than that, I think a better brake is good, too.

    2. How many delivery people are in the restaurant you serve in? A: There are three of us.

    3. How far do you deliver by bicycle? A: From our restaurants up north to 25th street is the furthest we would go by bicycle (around 1.5 miles) because time is very important and we sometimes have to make several deliveries each trip.

    4. I see that on your menus you also can deliver by moped and car? A: Yes, but since delivery with scooters you need a license, we usually do not do that unless it is too busy. The fine is too expensive. Our boss is the one who usually rides the scooters for delivery that are too far for bicycles.

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