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    I am currently keeping in touch with AIGA XCD. I had a phone interview with the president, Zelda Harrsion, however, she preferred me to send her the questionnaire and help me to find someone who may speak well to my topic. ( I sent my questionnaire and I am actually waiting for her response) She also said she will refer me to other colleagues that are based in NYC and China. FYI, I have planned to go to Beijing, Shanghai or may be XI'an this Christmas. Zelda has recommended me some galleries and organizations in Beijing, which is a good chance for me to gather as much information as possible.

    This week: I need to find more research for me topic at New School research library. Also, I am still trying to reach another NFP, i am having a hard time to schedule a meeting with her (because of her busy schedule). Hopefully, I will able to contact her this week.

    NFPs's missions: The AIGA Center for Cross-Cultural Design (AIGA XCD) to foster greater communication between designers across cultures, as well as a better understanding of the interwoven experience of design and culture in our lives.

    China Institute in America advances a deeper understanding of China through programs in education, culture, business and art in the belief that cross-cultural understanding strengthens our global community.

    My Questionnaire for NFPs

    • Do you feel that Chinese people are opting for Western design and neglecting their own?

    • Do you feel product, architecture and interior designs are becoming important in establishing personal identity in China?

    • Is there any statistical data that shows which provinces in China have the highest rate of Chinese people moving to the urban areas in the past few years?

    • Where do people usually purchase their home goods, such as furniture.

    • What kind of style do they usually have or looking for in a typical home.

    • Are there any elements that China designers think is missing in terms of home design?

    • What is the style of furniture that China's middle class typically purchase / use in the urban cities?

    • How do Chinese people feel about locally made products for the Chinese market? Why?

    • What kinds of products are currently sold that have a strong traditional Chinese aesthetic embedded in them?

    • How does the Chinese middle class feel about traditional furniture compared to cheaply made mass produced furniture?

    • Do Chinese people traditional furniture as being antique as opposed to a luxury product?

    • The Chinese have a strong cultural identity, how do they present it in products that are made for the local market?

    Please feel free to comment my questionnaire. I am still trying to dig deeper in order to think of more questions that are related to my topic.

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