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    Arts & Culture

    My mission is to promote cultural awareness for new urban dwellers in China, especially the middle class, through everyday designs for their home.

    I plan to focus on furniture design because this is an area where a design has to be personally experienced in order to be fully appreciated. When talking about a piece of traditional Chinese furniture, people tend to think of stern, uncomfortable but highly ornate elements. Through modern process, form, materials, and finishes, I would like to bring forth the traditional Chinese aesthetics to the 21st century, while keeping it practical, affordable, and functional. It is important for them to be aware of their roots and understand China's cultural identity, in this case is through home design.

    Cultural Awareness in China I chose the shape of China as an outline to show the relationship of myself, Nfps, urban dwellers and China's manufacturers.

    For further understanding please click here I decided to illustrate this neatly based on Len's marker drawings. I thought it's an effective way for me and others to understand my topic better by providing diagrams.

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