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    OF COURSE it's a marketing campaign.

    This clever marketing campaign so far brought $20 million to Global Fund which they otherwise would not have had to fight AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria in 136 countries, and it's greatly raised awareness for these illnesses amongst the population that otherwise would not have known or cared much about this issue.

    It's shown companies a better way to use their marketing power.

    What's so horrific about that?

    I don't think anyone's pretending that this is all charity. They are simply saying, "If you are going to buy it anyway, choose the one that also benefits this cause." (They are promoting aid under the guise of consumerism, not "promoting consumerism under the guise of aid"!)

    We have to support the notion that we - as individuals, companies, or non-profit, or whatever - all do what we can. Don't be swayed by small-minded people who like to criticize. Often the other side of their criticism is ignorance and arrogance. (Good example of this is that the blogger Mark Higginson that Marco Siebertz refers to writes on and on about how cool the new iPhone is in the subsequent blog. If there are are 2 versions of iPhones offered - one with a donation and one without - I suppose he would choose the one without, just out of his principles. How petty, how sad.)

    The only thing that counts is that we do good work.

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