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    I got a 10 person response to my S O U N D survey. I learned that some people don't like to use headphones or listen to music in the subway for fear of missing already hard to hear messages from the conductor, or to keep an ear out for dangerous, or suspicious people.

    Most of the people surveyed wear earbud headphones, as oppossed to head band or noise cancelling headphones.

    Everyone in the survey listens to music on the train.
    Most listen to music while doing work. Half the participants would try playing a public instrument if they existed.

    1. Do you listen to music while riding the subway?

    2. Yes I do

      1. yes
      2. no
      3. yess always
      4. yes
      5. yes
      6. No. I like to hear what is going on around me. I'm always afraid I won't hear what the conductor is saying.
      7. nope, I like to concentrate on my surroundings and be cautious of anything that might be suspicious.
      8. yes
      9. Yes
    3. What type of Headphones do you use?

    Ear Bud - 80%

    Noise cancelling - 10%

    Head Band 10%

    1. When do you listen to music?

    while walking to the subway - 87.5%

    on the subway platform - 87.5%

    on the train - 100%

    1. How do you listen to music?

    while reading - 37.5%

    while talking with a friend - 12.5%

    while on the phone - 12.5%

    while watching TV - 12.5%

    while playing an instrument - 25%

    while doing work - 87.5%

    1. Why do you listen to music?

    2. I listen to music to relax.

      1. sometimes just to enjoy it and sometimes i listen to music not to think about anything
      2. i like to listen to music because it organizes my mind in a good way.
      3. it keeps me entertained..and I feel more comfortable listen to music specially on the train.
      4. sometimes it keeps me company. makes me happy.. or helps me get motivated in the morning. it keeps me awake. it feels good.
    3. relaxing, so i don't have to think too much about my immediate surroundings i sing to it sometimes

      1. Because it mimics or changes my mood and makes me go deeper into myself. Its something I can experience by myself.
      2. I like to enjoy them and feel the music that surrounded me.
      3. because i enjoy it
      4. It soothes the soul
    4. What does music do for you? make me happy - 90% helps me concentrate - 30% helps me read - 10% manages my anxiety - 70% kills time - 50%

    5. Do you wish you could play along sometimes? Why?

    6. Yes, i do wish that, it will be really fun to contribute to the song i'm listening to

      1. no
    7. I do play along, it's incredibly fun and absorbing. A kind of nirvana when everything is flowing.
    8. Yes, it could be so much fun and I could be involved with the music.
      1. sometimes i want to sing along... but i usually dont know the words... its probably better that i CANT sing along.
    9. YES, because I get so into it, plus i don't have access to a piano here. I miss it.
    10. I ALWAYS sing along. Its really important to me that I can do this. That's why I say its a personal experience.
      1. Play alone what? If you mean instrument, I do sometimes to entertain myself. For music, I like to listen alone to let my feeling flow.
    11. yeah all the time because music makes me live life

      1. i do, and i try. It helps me feel good about myself
    12. What do you think of Subway music?

    annoying - 25 %

    love it - 25%

    should be more music - 25%

    should be less music - 0%

    I want to tell you more - 50%

    1. What do you think of subway music?

      1. some of it are annoying but I head a really good violin one, it was lovely and relaxing
      2. i'm not trying to be mean but i think they are annoying especially people who plays 'in the subway'. it is already noisy in the subway station or in the subway. why do they have to make more noise? most people like music but only whenever they want.
      3. I don t know what subway music is. Also, there is something wrong with these text boxes.
      4. It's interesting and fun to watch how musicians play their music. And I think it makes subway some kind of attraction. It's not so easy to see/hear subway music in any other place, except new york.
      5. do you mean people performing... or the music you hear from other peoples headphones? i like performances... headphones are sometimes irritating i suppose
      6. i'm not sure what you mean by this
    2. What is subway music? I think its funny to hear other people's headphones in the train. I wish there were different kinds of music and people in there playing.
      1. What is your definetion of subway music? train noise? chatting? or announcement? If you were talking about street performers, it depends on what kind of music they are playing because everyone have their own preference.
      2. i don't understand this question
    3. It is a good vibrant part of the city, but i dont like it in the actual train carts

    4. If New York City had Public Instruments, like Public Play grounds, would you try to play an instrument?

    yes - 50% no - 10% maybe - 40% I'm nervous - 0% I'm shy - 10% I'm not a musician - 0% I am a musician with a place to play already - 0%

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