• Difang Duana and his wife Kuo Hsiu-Chu

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    Difang Duana and his wife Kuo Hsiu-Chu

    A lot of the people are really familiar with the song Return to Innocence created by the Germany musical group Enigma. The main vocals are sing by Angel X, in the beginning of the song and the end of it. Most of the vocal besides the main vocal were sung by Difang Duana and his wife Kuo Hsiu-Chu; from Taiwanese aboriginal tribes of Amis. The song was the traditional drinking song. The band Enigma took the sound track with out any permission and made it into the song. In the year of 1996, the song further used as the promotion song for the Olympic of Atlanta. Not until the year of 1998, the argument between the illegal uses of sound track had been resolved with Virgin records.

    Let’s together enjoying the song of Return to Innocence

    The second Clip was a clip of Difang duana and his wife Kuo Hsiu-Chu sung together. Let’s grieve for the lost of great vocals Difang Duana (3/20/1921 – 3/29/2002)

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