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    I sent my survey to 50 people and 13 of them responded. My questions are all open-ended questions, which is a good way for them to share their ideas and show how they felt about their own cultures.

    In my survey, I asked the following questions (including the selected results):

    What is your ethnicity? Chinese, Korean, Jewish, American…

    Do you know much about you own culture? 4 persons said they know enough about it / 3 persons said they know a pretty basic amount / and the rest said either “nope” or “kind of”.

    How do you identify your own culture?

    • “By the language, food, physical appearance, how People dress and speak, entertainment...”
    • “I identify through music, and hearing the language spoken.”
    • “Through my parents and through other people of the same ethnic background as me.”
    • “A nice civilized society with good”

    How is your heritage and culture important to you?

    • “It is important to me because I would try to carry on the traditions to the next generation and educate them.”
    • “That identifies who I am”
    • “I feel devoid of heritage so I need to start a new one.” / “I don't feel that much connection”
    • “It provides me with a framework on how I interact with different people. My pride in my culture shows the values that I hold close two”

    List two objects or products that represent your own culture and why? Food, eating utensil, festival’s ornamentations, traditional buildings and craftsmanship.

    What are some positive and negative impacts that globalization has had on your culture? Positive:

    • “To pursuit a better life in a better place”
    • “Help to expand the understanding of what my culture is and for others to learn about it as well.”
    • “Globalization has helped my culture thrive but at the expense of other traditional cultures.”
    • “Spread of ideas/culture/crafts to other parts of the world (creates a new market and appreciation) -conservative beliefs become less so” Negative:
    • “Many American fast food restaurants are opening up in Korea and resulting in obese children”
    • “Loss of value of crafts... desire for "modern" and "western" aesthetics.”
    • “Losing the traditional value in my culture”
    • “Heritage are being stolen and claimed by other countries, and creates a misunderstanding of cultural identity.”
    • “Slow loss of the culture as well, and the mass marketing of it into products to sell.”

    What are the cultural, traditional, and historical values that your country has to preserve?

    • “Protect historical sites in China from being eaten up by urban development.”
    • “ Crafts, such as skills, techniques, aesthetics.”
    • “Architecture, language and family values.”
    • “Our religion and tradition for the survival of Israel”
    • “Passion and cultural personalities”

    Overall, the results are pretty convincing, I come to understand more about other’s cultures, More than half of the people who took the survey have the knowledge to analysis the importance of preserving and protecting their cultural, traditional, and historical values. I think human behavior is also an important element that helps to shape one’s culture, in a way to respect them through awareness. I this survey, they may not 100% appreciate or understand their cultural identity, but they are able to point out things that are valuable to them. This is how we can share them and to keep it alive.

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