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    NFP contact

    *This week I contacted two NFP one is Care another one is Aid to Artisans *

    For Care, they told me they are in the busiest fund-racing season of the year, so it will be impossible to meet or even talk to them on the phone. Than finally I convinced them, and they transfer me to a staff Charles Adams. Than he said he will try to find someone to call me back but they never did.

    For Aid to Artisans, Leah Waldman, Janet Solis and I would like to go there and meet with them together. I called them, but they never pick up their phone, and it always get into the voice mailbox. I left a message to tell them to give me a call back, but no one did. Leah Waldman will try to contact them again.

    Professional people who worked on related projects

    Cynthia Lawson, was the former IDC director, she’s working on a Guatemala Project. Lawson is helping the women in Guatemala to set up a workshop for tourists to learn how to bead, backstrap loom weaving, and jewelry making. Lawson further redesign their logo, stores and refining their weaving pattern designs. On the evening of Oct, 27th, 08, Leah Waldman, Janet Solis and I will be attending an information session for the Guatemala Project. We will also further meet with her on Oct, 30th, 08.

    For more information visit the Blog

    Nidhi Srinivas, is Assistant Professor of Non-Profit Management at the Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy, Leah Waldman, met with Srinivas already, Leah will be contacting Srinivas for a possible group meeting for this week.

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