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    By the number

    The total Indigenous people in Taiwan are 491,722 The total populations in Taiwan are 23,007,737 This means 2% of the people in Taiwan are indigenous people The tribe of Thao (邵族) is facing extinction and is the world’s smallest population tribes for indigenous tribes. Now they have approximately 600 people, before they only have 283 people.

    Source: Dept. of Household Registration Affairs, MOI. From National Statistics, R.O. C. (Taiwan)

    64 Typhoons passing by Taiwan from the year of 2000 to 2008 This also means Taiwan have 7 typhoons per year

    Source: Central Weather Bureau

    Number of households in Taiwan are 7,630,590 When the typhoons came, some households would experience black out.
    In the year of 2007 the black out rates are 10% per typhoons The highest black out rate by looking into one typhoon is 31%

    Source: Taiwan Electrical Company

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