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    Questionnaire / Survey

    Preservation of Indigenous craftsmanship

    Q1 Are you a professional craftsman?

    Q2 How long have you been working in the craftsmanship filed?

    Q3 If not have you ever done any craftsmanship before?

    Q4 What do you think about the lost of craftsmanship? (5 to 1 scale – 5 as really care, 1 as does not care at all)

    Q5 Would you help to preserve it if there is a way? (physically not just donation)

    Q6 What does the lost of craftsmanship in the tribe of indigenous people mean to you?

    Q7 What is your gender?

    Q8 Race or Ethnicity

    American Indian or Alaskan Native Asian or Pacific Islander Black, not of Hispanic Origin Hispanic Multi – racial White, not of Hispanic Origin Other

    Q9 How old are you?

    Q10 If you are interesting in the topic and want to contribute or give me more information about the Preservation of Indigenous Craftsmanship, please leave your contact information down, thank you very much

    This survey I asked ninety-two people to do the survey and got thirty-six responses. It’s really good; the survey received a 39% response rate and 100% complete rate. In the result of this survey, it shows how people feels about the lost of craftsmanship, 50% of the people who did the survey cares about the lost of craftsmanship. 36.1% of the people cares a little bit. 13.9% of the people cares less or does not even care about the craftsmanship. In the survey 75% of the people would like to help to preserve craftsmanship, 25% of the people would not. I’m really interested in the people who does not care about the lost of craftsmanship think. Most of them think it does not affect their life, it is too bad if it got lost. But most of the people think the lost of craftsmanship will mean the lost of culture, one person also brought up a really interesting point, the lost of craftsmanship will also mean the lost of knowledge for nature resources, because most of the craftsmanship materials are strongly connected with nature. Several people also mention about applying or updating their skills to fit for the market needs.

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    People’s response to Question 6

    Q6 What does the lost of craftsmanship in the tribe of indigenous people mean to you?

    1.We should protect the precious cultural gifts as more as we can do. (Sat, 10/25/08 7:33 PM)

    2.sorry, not a thing. (Fri, 10/24/08 5:23 AM)

    3.I have no idea~~~^^ (Fri, 10/24/08 12:53 AM)

    4.Ever think about that. (Thu, 10/23/08 11:12 PM)

    5.i think its a lost in art, actually it doesnt effect my life directly (Thu, 10/23/08 10:52 PM)

    6.The lost of craftsmanship might equal to the lost of their culture. Furthermore, since their craftsmanship material using has strong connection with nature, it might also means the lost of the knowledge of nature resources. (Thu, 10/23/08 10:43 PM)

    7.lost of traditions and cultures (Thu, 10/23/08 10:41 PM)

    8.nothing (Thu, 10/23/08 10:33 PM)

    9.lost of a part of human developement history (Thu, 10/23/08 10:27 PM)

    10.A lost of the complexity and diversity of our culture. (Thu, 10/23/08 10:20 PM)

    11.Being a professional craftsman has to do with his or her natural ability and skills. Some people are gifted and others are not. I believe the lost of craftsmanship is a concern for everyone but in the mean time, I don't think any action should be taken purposely. (Thu, 10/23/08 10:15 PM)

    12.We should try to preserve it. It is important for human culture. (Thu, 10/23/08 10:11 PM)

    13.Doesn't mean anything to me. :( (Thu, 10/23/08 10:06 PM)

    14.lost of cultural identity (Thu, 10/23/08 10:06 PM)

    15.lost memoir of human civilization (Thu, 10/23/08 10:04 PM)

    16.lost of culture and tradition (Thu, 10/23/08 10:02 PM)

    17.they are very talent in art, but they donot know how to present and use it. If they can pass their skill to next generation, they can take it and adding design element to provide useful products (Thu, 10/23/08 9:55 PM)

    18.It is reaaly unfortunate of the lost of traditional culture. (Thu, 10/23/08 9:48 PM)

    19.a form of arts and cultures (Thu, 10/23/08 9:47 PM)

    20.It's nice to put in the effort to try to keep them, it's too bad that they are gone. (Thu, 10/23/08 9:45 PM)

    21.Upset If it is happening (Thu, 10/23/08 9:44 PM)

    22.pity (Thu, 10/23/08 9:42 PM)

    23.eh (Thu, 10/23/08 9:39 PM)

    24.We are actually losing the uniqueness of cultures itself and ending up in a cold globalized world. (Mon, 10/20/08 1:57 PM)

    25.very special they have special way of making things (Mon, 10/20/08 6:01 AM)

    26.I think that it is a greater loss for them since they are without modern infrastructure so they rely on what the can make, and if they lose the know how to make something, it can no longer exist. (Sun, 10/19/08 10:12 PM)

    27.nothing. i don't really care for it or ever focused on it (Sun, 10/19/08 6:25 PM)

    28.i think it is important to preserve in order to maintain and continue the native traditions (Sun, 10/19/08 3:10 PM)

    29.It makes me very disapointed but I think the world is becoming a global economy and it is important to provide to this economy which may change the way cultures approach their indigenous craftmanships. They may have to tweak the and change them in order to create something that is profitable. I also think that there is a huge interest in collecting these pieces. Perhaps if there was a way to make these crafts well known? (Sun, 10/19/08 1:55 PM)

    30.It means we lose touch with history, our roots. It means we invent traditions... I'd like to see indigenous people updating their crafts methods to meet newer needs, and respond to current situations..... What is your attack....how are you going to enter the problem. What is the problem. I think aesthetics, traditions, materials and their symbolism... structural advantages....? (Sun, 10/19/08 12:23 PM)

    31.It kind of means the loss of culture and past traditions. To me, culture and tradition are one of the most important things to retain in a person's life. It also helps to bring someone identity. (Sun, 10/19/08 12:19 PM)

    32.a specific craft being totally extinct. (Sun, 10/19/08 11:54 AM)

    33.losing of culture! (Sun, 10/19/08 11:51 AM)

    34.I think they are just as important as us. We are just forcsing on different aspect. Both definitely, indeed, have own value. (Sun, 10/19/08 11:47 AM)

    35.it's sad but its not really in my world... its not something i can relate to. (Sun, 10/19/08 11:15 AM) 36.globalize in culture (Sun, 10/19/08 11:10 AM)

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