• Alternative sources of inspiration


    I thought I would share some sources of inspiration and knowledge as some might find them useful

    1. Podcasts They are FREE and easily available, they are on your ipod as you are walking to school and on the subway (and in my case, as you are working in the metal shop). You can find them on every topic in the world and they are made by some great writers and experts in a wide variety of fields. I am subscribed to Business Week's 'cover stories' podcast which a couple of weeks ago talked with the writers of 'is water the new oil?' cover story, which helped me. I also love the New York Times' 'Science Times' Podcast which are in video!.. there are so many great podcasts to pick and choose from. you can also look up specific classes as many professors in big universities will upload their lectures for their students to download- but we can use it too!

    2. TED .com is a great resource. watch the videos on there. they will inspire and open your mind

    3. Movies I am subscribed to Netflix and for the past few weeks I used it to get movies that are directly related to my thesis. I just watched 'God Grew Tired of Us' an amazing documentary (recommended to me by Oz). I am also watching National Geographics 'Africa' collection & movies about water ('water' & 'flow'). On my queue are 'Malaria:Fever Wars', 'The Human Footprint', 'Forces of Nature' and more.

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