• Matrix Cycle


    This Matrix is designed to show all the interaction that goes on when a child is abused. This cycle is important to find care and safe housing for a child, and is important to keep this matrix running in order to keep a child safe.

    Through this matrix, I plan on intercepting the interaction to become part of the cycle for research and design. All these people are key parts of finding a solution to child abuse and neglect. Of course the perpetrator will be locked up some place far from the child.

    ACS, CPS, Administration for Children's Services, and Child Protective Services collaborate to help put abused children in safer homes, and getting them the help they need. My NFP, and many others that target abused children are there for support and direction. Mandatory Reporters are professionals such as law enforcement, school teachers, counselors, therapists, etc who are mandated by law to report signs of child abuse. Cases are then sent to the Children's Bureau groups and investigated by various professionals to prevent and stop abuse. These people play strong roles when the safety of a child is in jeopardy. These professionals are essential for the research process in understanding the mentality of the abused children, and what their actual environment is like. For example, foster care, although it is not "said" there are many problems with sending a child to foster care. Speaking to these professionals I could learn the gaps between the laws and what is beneficial and harmful for the child.

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