• Survey no.1 - Summary

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    physical activity + elec.devices image

    1. I sent the survey to 40 people (class + outside of school)
    2. I received 11 responses (4 are from unfamiliar persons)
    3. I have asked 1 numerical question, 4 constructed questions and 2 open-end questions
    4. Responses rate achieved (total): 11 out of 40 = 27.5% not classmates rate – 4 out of 15 = 26.6%

    5. Purpose of my survey:

    a. To study the physical activities’ habits and preferences of different people

    b. To learn the electricity consumption methods of people, in their daily routine, for the usage of personal electronic devices.

    c. What people wish to do, as individuals, in order to create a better sustainable world?


    a. I learned the time periods during the day when people prefer to do physical activities - 7 prefer morning, 4 prefer nighttime.

    b. The amount of devices owned and usage of electricity for personal devices – average of 2.5 devices per person. Cell-phones being charged every night, other devices average of every 2 nights.

    c. Types of activities and time aspect-

    i. Most run/ride bicycles

    ii. Average number of weekly activities: twice a week

    iii. Duration of physical activity: 1 hour

    d. Preferred location to perform physical activities - 8 out of 11 prefers outdoors over indoor, 2 no preferences, 1 prefers indoors.

    e. Personal definition of “energy-saver person” – 8 people don’t see themselves as not “energy-saver person” and 3 people as “energy-saver person”.

    f. From the numerical survey- (1 is lowest, 5 is highest)

    i. “I am recycling as much as i can”– 3.25 of 5.

    ii. “I am trying to save electricity as much as i can” – 2.75 of 5.

    iii. “I wish i could do more outdoors activities in public spaces” – 3 of 5.

    iv. “I believe each individual can make a change by trying to save energy (electricity, fuel, etc)” – 4.75 of 5

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