• Statistics and Data Research.


    Abuse in teens can cause

    1. low self esteem
    2. aggressive behavior acting out
    3. suicidal tendencies
    4. running away
    5. wariness of adults

    3.3 Million referrals are made each year, approximately involving 6 million children

    1 out of every 3 abused child will grow up to be an abusive parent

    60% of all cases of child maltreatment is neglect 15 and 20% are physical aggression 10% are sexual abuse

    Abused Age Groups

    24.4% of adolescents less than 1 are abused and neglected 14.2% of children 1-3 13.5% of children 4-7

    The youngest are most prone to child abuse and maltreatment. There were over 1,000 deaths of babies due to child abuse and maltreatment. The majority were boys.

    Parents, especially mothers were the abusers.

    (Information from The National Center for Victims of Crime and The Children's Bureau) There were over lapping statistical data, confirming the numbers and research for both government groups).

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