• Crime Victims Treatment Center


    The St. Luke's Roosevelt Crime Victims Treatment Center was my number one preferred NFP to work with to help achieve the purpose of my project. In the process I hope to help them perhaps find an alternate innovative way to helping children cope and open up.

    After about three to four weeks of trying to contact CVTC, I finally achieved my first goal... TO BE REMEMBERED.

    I feel that to reach into the NFP, it takes time to get them to trust me, to remember me, and actually believe that I want to benefit the victims the same as they. Therefore, I took my time in trying to hammer my name and mission to this NFP. The most recent call was most successful in where they actually picked up. Because the NFP is currently undergoing a training session, the coordinator is very busy but has agreed to contact me by the end of next week. I was also given his contact number in case he forgot to call.

    Good news is that the lady said if he is willing to work with me, he will call a staff meeting to pitch the idea. Because this is a large organization, I am assuming it will take time, but I feel very strongly that they are the people I need to speak to and interact with in order to successfully gather research and professionals.

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