• Is your area clean?


    If there is a part in the area, or community you live in that is clean, chances are that it discourages or make people think even more if they want to litter. Have you noticed that some people have this same experience at work if the area is clean the customers won’t even touch it that much. So then I mess the area up, I come back in 20 minutes it looks like world war 3 just broke out.

    I have when to other stores that is connected to mine and asked the store manager if I could try my little experiment there. They said that it would be o.k. I had did the same thing a again but in a different community. Some actually cleaned you what they did one individual actually came to the front of the store and alerted one of the sales floor people. Which I thought was interesting.

    I had when to one more store tried my experiment one more time, and while I’m doing this I have no name badge for this one. A customer had dropped her drink and she stared and the associate I was standing next to. Then she said, “You are the one that will have to pick it up.” she put down what ever she was buying and walked out the store. And all I could say is, “wow?”

    So do you get my story. People tend to litter because they feel no sense of personal ownership. If it was their area or own personal space they would be jumping down your throat, or if they were at somebody's house they would respect it I would guess.

    So Think about it.

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