• what do students think about public service design?

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    Last Friday myself and Alice Osborne from the thinkpublic design team spoke at the London College of Communication (LCC) about our experiences of working outside of traditional design environments.

    We were invited by Anna Gerber from LCC to speak to 150 second year design students from across a variety of disciplines to ‘ give them a flavour of what thinkpublic do without showing lots of pretty pictures’. A great brief as it gave us an opportunity to show ‘a week in the life of a designer at thinkpublic’.

    We also ran a ’stand up sit down’ question activity, that got students to apply their minds to some questions we have been discussing recently, these were:

    1: Should designers work in hospitals? 2: Can the general public be designers? 3: Would you prefer to work for public or private clients?

    After calling on a few individuals and asking them to share their thoughts on their answers, a lively debate followed that generated some very interesting views. The biggest surprise outcome for us was that roughly 75% said they would prefer to work on private projects, comments included “I want to do good, public projects but want to work with private clients to pay for it” and “Working for the public is better because your aims outcomes for the benefit of everyone”.

    It was exciting to hear the students approacing these questions with original views, I found the session really energising!

    If your interested in someone from thinkpublic speaking at your university please email: paul.thurston@thinkpublic.com

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