• ummm...WHAT?!


    as an African and a Ghanaian I don't know whether to be insulted or to be insulted?!... you mean to tell me that this is the best that can be done to take care of issues of transportation. this quote is as much true of this project as it was in the days of colonialisation: "They are a throwback to the British colonial period, meant for the amusement of the wealthy classes in well-paved cities, not for critical transportation of poor rural people." Though the intentions maybe be good for this project, the means by which is going about is insulting... the larger issues of moving people ecologically around can not be solved with a bike made of bamboo... who is supposed to be amused by this... the simple answered would the western world which can travel to Africa for two weeks and come back with stories of "those Africans riding their bikes for miles and miles" and pictures of exhausted Africans who still have the heart to smileā€¦utter nonsense.
    THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO INNOVATION IN THIS PROJECT..... if we started making bikes for those that lived outside of the cities to ride miles into town to sell things in the states, it would be considered a GOOD LAUGH. ...im absolutely appalled!

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