• Educating the moving public


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    This is very interesting. The US and it's citizens have always had a strong love affair with their cars. In some cities, the commute to and from work can be long and tedious. Most shopping is now done in a drive to the Mall mentality. We almost live in our cars.

    What this concept does is intrigue and educate the public while transiting through daily life. What a concept! We need more of these vehicles, with several concerns approached by their inceptions. The creativity behind these vehicles could easily render fantastic competitions. The need for visualizations to explain social complexities and the data behind them in a sound bite is sooooooo important in this country. This makes even the smallest community member capable of grasping a situation. The visual of these cars really hits home.

    I commend True Majority for taking a new approach toward informing an already overwhelmed populace in a fun and fresh manner. This really rocks!

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