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    Communication, Industrial Design


    “To-Do Tattoos”, designed by Andy Ward

    Are you a little burnt like me? Not necessarily from smoking anything, you just have a mind full of “more important” things than menial tasks like grocery shopping. Well for all you sub-genius’ out there, this next item up for bids is right up your grocery aisle. Don’t look like a crack-head and just write willy-nilly all over your body words like Melons, Coke or Tampons. Get organized and pick up some “To-Do Tattoos” by Andy Ward for Fred & Friends. Never again misplace your shopping list, just jot your list on something you will never misplace or lose (unless you steal in an Arab country), your hand.

    • Customizing set-up
    • Adhesive product
    • Giving information

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    Ascend Enlightenment, designed by Gauri Sharma

    Ascend is a human-centric system designed to deliver personalized air-travel information in real-time, tailoring it to each and every individual no matter who they are. By utilizing biodegradable vibrating stickers with modular touch screen kiosks, it addresses 97% of the frequent complications that modern day air travelers face. Ascend offers these advantages in a very innovative, non-intrusive, cost-effective, and simplistic manner without compromising on air travel security, thus making it an ideal solution to be utilized within airports around the world.

    • Customizing set-up
    • Giving important information
    • Adhesive product

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    Sensix Child Monitor, designed by Essential Design

    This wristband is a constant companion for children who are frequently under varied adult supervision. The colored bands identify the wearer’s specific allergies and passively notify others that certain foods may trigger an allergic reaction. The noninvasive blood sensor actively monitors physiological indicators for early signs of a severe anaphylactic episode.

    • Monitor physiological indicates
    • Giving Awareness
    • Portable

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