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    This is the new medicine bottle design by Deborah Adler. This new design has a couple of new features to make it easier to get the correct medical information from the bottle. 1. The bottle is flat-sided so all information is easily readable and comes with a little magnifying glass behind the patient information for those who have vision problems. 2. The name of medicine is typed in large typeface on the end of the bottle and the bottle comes with color-coded rings so each member of the family can have their own color and easily tell which medicines belong to them. 3. The bottle comes with a syringe to accurately measure each dose. 4. An envelope on the back of the bottle holds the drug’s patient information sheet which usually stapled to the bag by pharmacist and trashed when you open the bag. Leaving you the envelop reduces the confusion of medicine information. I found all those features are efficiently designed to give patients clearer understanding of medical information regardless of the degree of literacy.

    I was watching the Beijing Olympic on TV this summer. Those pictograms intended to identify games caught my attention. I think Pictogram in general can be very powerful tool when designers are not able to use verbal communications. My target populations who have only limited literacy about health matters could benefit a lot from this design system.

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