• Wooden Lego by Lawrence

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Here is my hypothesis prototype rendering example. I’m trying to create a wooden Lego out of scraps. It is impossible to tell people that can you stop logging trees because trees are human’s resource on earth. Therefore, I want to promote wooden Lego as using woods more efficiently. If wood related professions can use wood completely, then people don’t need to log down that many trees annually. Trees are as important as our planet. They provide Oxygen, shatter, rain absorbing, strengthening soil, species’ habitats and so on.

    Lego is the great example for my thesis. Lego has a huge potential for further improvement. For instance, Lego can be created into different forms depending on how the user is operating it. It is not only helping the growing of creativity, but sense of treasuring and value as well. The reason is because of the participating of the making process. Everyone loves and treasures what they make by themselves because of the memory of the happiness when the person was participating, building and making the object. That kind of special attachment is something can’t be taken away easily. From this perspective, I want to add more value in to the relationship that between the user and the object instead of adding expensive material for products. Can you image that a 10 years old son made a chair with his father out of my upcycled design, wooden Lego; do you not thing this chair will be the heirloom of this family.

  • Lawrence I am happy to see that you have gotten into your design idea to the level of drafting one of the components that you envision using to build your furniture. I would ask that you add into your description of the product some of the thoughts you mentioned to me after class about these components being made of scrap wood, as that is not clear from your post. You had also mentioned that you would provide a variety of shapes - can you show us some drawings of these other forms you have in mind?


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