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    0/ Hi everybody! Let’s start from you, me and our, Let’s start from HUMAN!

    1/ as I'm a blogger for 5 years but writing in Persian language not English, I had many experiences, but until yet I don't have any professional weblog in English for specific reason like design and specifically Humanism Design.

    2/ Here it can be a good place for me to share my visions, ideas, challenges and problems about relation between design and social themes and of course getting your feedback for more developments. As you know these years everything has been exchanged to "Network" as "Castells" says. So for having a good life, all of us need friends' feedbacks and here is the same.

    3/ now days, I'm getting ready for the "16th International Conference on Safe Communities: SAFETY2007" which will hold in Tehran, Iran from 11th June up to 13th June. I have a paper for poster session there with this title: "Design as a Tool for Reducing the Violence" As I like to know your opinion about it, for the first post that should be good and professional I've attach the abstract:


    Design as a Tool for Reducing the Violence

    Mahmoud Keshavarz

    Abstract: Contemporary world gives comfortably to people as gives them violence, poverty, invasion, fright and crime. Phenomenon’s like them as like as any social phenomenon have influence on other ones and give influence from other phenomenon. Reducing crime and violence in “Ken Pease” opinion, who is professor of criminology at Huddersfield University, don’t have any simple and quick answer and we can just solve it through a powerful management of different majors and approaches. Design is one of that major that can play an important role on increasing or reducing violence. Although all the time design as a functional exist in the peoples’ life has tried to be compatible with their environment and life, but now a days in mention of development and conflicting cultures that to cause of appearance vandalism and individual or group diseases, design has taken a new role and in addition to it should not cause of vandalism, so that it should work as targeted tool to reducing these diseases and with designing products, environments and systems that have designed with this vision takes a contemporary exist in our world. In this paper I have tried to depict a design model for using it in design projects with this vision and through focusing on a national program in England that is called: “Design against Crime”, introduce successful case study in the world.

    Keywords: Design, Industrial Design, Design against Crime, Interaction Design, Socially Responsible Design

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