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    Mission Statement: To revive the age-old traditional Indian craft of working with animal bone, a material that can be found in abundance in India due to the enormous agricultural industry. In addition to providing jobs with fair wages to the artisans, the product’s life-cycle is 100% environmentally sustainable.

    (A side note: the bones are taken from dead cattle- buffalos and camels. Animals are not killed for the bones... they are too valuable to the farming communities, of which there are hundreds.)

    Although there is an existing industry of bone products (that includes furniture, table top objects, jewelry), the designs of these products have remained the same for hundreds of years. Although very beautiful, they are cheaply made, often tacky and are sold in souvenir shops, catering to a very specific consumer to who the exoticism of the material is very appealing. The artisans who make these products are exploited and underpaid. Below are two examples of the types of products that are currently in the market.

    Product 1 Product 2

    I would like to create a new market for these bone products by creating new designs for well-made objects that fully represent the artisans' skills, as well as provide fair wages to them.

  • Very cool, i would've never thought of cow bones as a source of products like a table.

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