• Globalization causes crowded trains in Berlin

    Community, Environmental Design


    According to the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel public transport trains, run by BVG, get more and more crowded because BVG even on the most used lines does only employ 6 instead of the usual 8 waggons.

    The reason: China's enormous demand for steal swept the world market empty.That causes that manufacturers of steal wheels and axis have to extend delivery dates.

    Usually we are used to pictures of scarcity in third or second world countries. But first appearances like this show that we are at the beginning of a footrace for the raw materials that are left on Earth. It's also up to designers to switch to a more responsible material culture. The ingenious designer, artist and scientist Richard Buckminster Fuller understood the problem and acted accordingly already centuries ago. I think he's a good example of what the designer can do to be integrative part of this world.

    Picture taken in March 2005 by myself.

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