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    To revive the age-old traditional Indian craft of working with animal bone, a material that can be found in abundance in India due to the enormous agricultural industry. In addition to providing jobs with fair wages to the artisans, the product’s life-cycle is 100% environmentally sustainable.

  • Hi Leah, It's an interesting idea, and I can see how it may be possible to create a market for objects crafted out of bone in India. But I am still not sure I see how this will lead to one or more new products. Your idea sounds more like a business model, where items produced from cow bone is sold to internationally. This would be an ideal subject for a micro-financed business, such as those started with loans from the Grameen Bank and other other sources of capital that are available to impoverished people in the developing world. Now, you have to make a convincing argument for how this project meets the criteria for a product design thesis. I'm not trying to discourage you, I just need a better description of your plans. steven

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