• What do you think.....?



    What do you think this situation here?

    If you have any thought, please comment...

    just curiosity....

  • Goccia__small__177_

    It all comes back to education. This is what I always felt. people just dont care enough. they dont think before they do. Some might think that this is a harsh reaction to something so little and common but i believe that this is the source of evil. it is the beginning of a war. the idea that you are bigger and more important than everyone else.

    It may only be one issue, one drop, which is easy to ignore. but what happens when there are a lot of drops? six billion drops? you have a sea. now that is more noticeable.

  • OK

    I think I see a can sitting on a CAN Post. The post is there to warm the beverage. Its actually a cappuccino in can form. There is a push button on the post to warm the post. You can smoke a cigarette while warming your coffee outdoors.

    I see the vending machine across the way, in the photograph.

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