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    Problem: The current trend for Chinese design is to conform to ubiquitous “modern” aesthetics and has lost its own identity. People (especially Chinese) seem to have forgotten and neglected their own cultural, historical and traditional values.

    Mission Statement: To promote awareness of a stronger sense of culture and tradition in product design and reintroduce appreciation for Chinese design.

    More Research:

    Barboza, David. “China builds its large-scale future.” Herald Tribune. May 1, 08. “Beijing… emphasizing its ability to upgrade and modernize, at least when it comes to buildings and infrastructure.” “Not everyone, however, is pleased with the development transforming China’s cities. Old neighborhoods and important historical buildings are being demolished.”

    Central News Agency. “Traditional vs. Simplified Chinese Characters Debate.” The Epoch Times. May 09, 2006 “ Debate grows as Chinese government tries to popularize simplified Chinese and abort traditional Chinese.”

    Fishman, Ted. “The New Great Walls.” China inside the dragon. National Geographic. May 2008.

    Hessler, Peter. “My Beijing”. National Geographic: Travel & cultures. Date unavailable. “The destruction of the city walls, most imperial gates, and countless temples… old hutong alleyways wide streets and apartment blocks.”

    Lewis, Ben. “ China Design Now: Chinese art of deception”. Evening Standard. Mar 18, 08.

    Ouroussoff, Ncolai. “The architecture of the new China.” Herald Tribune. July 13, 2008. “critics have incessantly described these high-profile projects as bullshit expressions of the national’s budding global primacy.”

    Tharp, Bruce and Munson, Stephanie. “We got sick of hearing about design & China, so we got on a plane and went there.” Core 77. 2007. Available on http://www.core77.com/reactor/08.05_china.asp. “Chinese enjoys foreign goods and brands, partly because their own are seen as low quality.” “Hundreds of millions of rural folk are forced to live in newly-made cities.”

    Image source: http://www.chinese-culture.net/pix/dragon.jpg. Accessed date Oct 16, 2008

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