• Bike = Better Health = Better sex?

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    There is a very interesting research I read from Science Daily regarding how changing bicycle seat from traditional one to the no-nose one relieve constant pressure in the perineal region which were believed to have cause genital numbness and less penile tactile sensation.

    The finding were conducted in a 6 month period from Ninety bicycling police officers from 5 metropolitan regions in the U.S. (Northwest, Southern, Desert West, Midwest, and Southeast). They were evaluated prior to changing seat then again after 6 month of using no-nose saddles.

    "The findings show that use of the noseless saddle resulted in a reduction in saddle contact pressure in the perineal region. There was a significant improvement in penile tactile sensation, and the number of men indicating they had not experienced genital numbness while cycling for the preceding 6 months rose from 27 percent to 82 percent using no-nose saddles. " (Quotes from Science Daily) "Use of the noseless saddle also resulted in significant increases in erectile function as assessed by the initial evaluation, but there were no significant changes noted in Rigiscan® measures, a method used to record penile rigidity while the subject sleeps. With few exceptions, bicycle police officers were able to effectively use no-nose saddles in their police work and 97 percent of officers completing the study continued to use the no-nose saddle afterward." (Quotes from Science Daily)

    This is the link to the article: "No-nose Bicycle Saddles Improve Penile Sensation And Erectile Function In Bicycling Police Officers"

  • I've heard about 'bikers penis' ...

    Bicycle seat design is an interesting product area.

    I know women's seats are differently shaped than mens seats...

    I wonder what the seat market looks like....

    different shapes and styles of seats for different kinds of bikes...

    One thing about bikes you may want to address...is clothing.

    I've seen biker's in the city roll up their right pant leg to keep it away from the front Cog's

    what about a cool flexible strap to wrap around your pant leg...

    I also find it interesting that some women riding bicycles in the city wear nice clothes....even a sun dress...

    The on the ground experience of that is scary sometimes, the contrast between heavy metal boxes(cars), and thin tubular steel(Bikes)

    The Bike lane...

    What I like about the Bicycle as a product is that it has an intrinsic story to map.

    The in use story, and the out of use story. Storage vs. usage

    bicycle shape and reason for form... If you've noticed a trend in the Walmart bicycle selection....They copy the high end companies design to sell at a lower price point, typically the Wal mart bike will weigh more than the bike shop high end version....Material usage/cost. etc.

    I think there is opportunity here to Brand an experience.

    The Manhattan Bicyclist. Speed racer Sunday driver Extreme Sunny day the Messenger The Suit Jeans/ T-shirt


    You could do a Bike spotting photo shoot...

    Bring your camera on your bike....or rig a DV Camera to your bike.... Maybe you can do a typical Bike day....A Use story...video edited...?

    You can draw your bike designs in solid works... and make animations....


  • In response to S E X Y BIKES, posted by Douglas Best,
    in the thread Bike = Better Health = Better sex?


  • In response to S E X Y BIKES, posted by Douglas Best,
    in the thread Bike = Better Health = Better sex?

    ah yes, what is it about an attractive woman wearing a sun dress bicycling down Sixth Avenue that really get the blood flowing....

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