• Design of the world versus the world of Design



    Whoa. Jennifer's first weekly post has my head spinning...I guess, as a designer starting out, with no access to the means of production, capital or outside expertise (!) it can be daunting to put on a brave face and try to imagine a better mousetrap. Or a better transportation system for New York City.

    But I think that is what Design21 is supposed to be for. I am not actually alone, am I? Jennifer's post makes it clear that there are people out there striving for change.

    Just because it is difficult to enact a real shift in the course of events does not mean that I oughtn't even try. Jennifer's Cheeky propsal: “Now that we can do anything, what will we do?” is actually true, I think. We can actually do anything. We got to where we are by an accumulation of choices which we are free to change at any time.

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