Environment, Industrial Design


    Behavior as a Design motive.

    Pay as you go.

    requires work energy. Body Heat increases, Reward system.

    Hope. Action, and reaction. Positive progression. Anticipation.

    a way to feel better about the economic situations.

    so what! if Wall street is tanking, as long as I'm running through Wall street I'm making free electricity... The possibility to convert a mindset.

    WIND TURBINES Dead birds?

    On the ground, easy... I also saw a guy get on the train with running shoes....the back of the shoes had a dials on them...

    not sure if that was a computer for something...

    How long can those shoes last, if they are made just like regular running shoes?

    are those computers modular and removable so that you can buy a new pair and insert your computer...

    Stores information specific to the user odometer, kilowatts, speedometer, time duration, muscle mass index, Heads Up Display information, GPS tracking,.

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