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    Hi Van and Casey,

    My name is Sam Vider and I am a student at Parsons School of Design. I am a product designer in my thesis year, a year long project, and my focus is on alternative transportation here in NYC.

    After watching your videos on youtube, it inspired me to get in contact with you. My research so far has been pointing me towards the vandalism aspect of bicycles. I walk the street and see so many bicycles that are vandalized, wheels missing, locks left on the ground, and then even fellow classmates whom wont ride to school because they are afraid of having their bikes stolen. After seeing your video bike thief, its a wide eyeopener as to the obliviousness and pathetic society we live in. Nobody cares. I know you mentioned that you believe one of the reasons people don't use bikes as much is because of vandalism and security. do you have any proof to back that up or is it anecdotal? I also notice in your video bike thief that you break easy simple locks, none of them are the Kryptonite locks. why is that? Ive been doing other research and it ties in directly to how if you mention to a police officer that your bike was stolen that they would laugh you out of there precinct, in a paper I found (which I misplaced) they had a statistic which was quite high on how many people don't even report bicycle theft, directly related to the fact that cops wont do anything about it.

    I would like to know if it would be possible to speak to you on the phone and maybe talk about the issues to further develop my research and maybe even talk of possible solutions that product design can help with. I have a blog on design21sdn.com which all thesis students are required to have and have been developing slowly, but surely a thesis.

    my blog: http://www.design21sdn.com/people/18795

    My thesis is to get more people to use bikes in cause of reducing pollution of single occupant vehicles and cabs, in my research as I have stated, bicycle security is one of the highest reasons people don't want to commute to work.

    I believe this is an issue you have been working on. I contacted Transalt.org 3 times and have not heard back from them yet. One of my instructors knows one of the ex-directors and I hope he can connect me somehow to them as well

    Thanks Sam Vider

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