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    Do you listen to music while riding the subway?

    What type of head phones do you use?

    When do you listen to music?

    How do you listen to music?

    Why do you listen to music?

    What does music do for you?

    Do you wish you could play along sometimes? Why?

    What do you think of subway music?

    If New York City had Public Instruments, like Public Play grounds, would you try to play an instrument?

    My initial round of questioning.... not sure if I've attacked successfully....what exactly am I looking for?

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  • Drum-table_177_

    Douglas, I am fascinated by the idea that I believe you are putting forth, although it is still only a guess on my part, because you have only hinted at your intentions, so I am left to wonder (and hope). I recently visited the Experience Music Project, a museum in Seattle. They have rooms where visitors can go in and jam on instruments together. It's nice, but fairly conventional, because the instruments are all regular guitars, drums and keyboards. I am imaging a playground where bizarre acoustical instruments could be played together by groups of people, kind of like pick-up basketball games. Is this what you are saying? steven

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