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    More pet owners should take the initiative to thoroughly prepare themselves and their pets for a disaster, whether natural or man-made. I want to focus on developing a product or system that can make the process easier, through which I can raise awareness of the importance of this issue and encourage pet owners to become more engaged.

  • Angrywetcat_177_

    Nicole, your mission statement does these things:

    1. It states who your audience is: pet owners. That's a huge and very diverse market, because there are many countries with pet-friendly people and enough disposable income to be able to purchase your product, if the price is low enough.

    2. Demonstrates that your mission is appropriate for the world we live in. We have recently seen heartbreaking scenes of abandonded animals in New Orleans and more recently in Houston, and there is no reason to expect the trend for severe weather to abate.

    3. Explains the human dimension that makes the idea compelling and worth the effort to produce. From reading your Mission Statement, we are ready to believe that your product will not be just another object to consume and then discard.


  • In response to nicely put, posted by steven landau,
    in the thread Nicole's Missions Statement

    Thanks Steven for your kind words. It's very nice to know that I'm on the right track.


  • In response to Thank you!, posted by nik,
    in the thread Nicole's Missions Statement

    Hi Nicole, what's the latest? I have been looking for your postings about your pet rescue ideas, but I haven't seen too much...keep the postings coming! steven

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